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Brad Hines is the president of the domain name brokerage, and the founder of, a non-profit that is partnered with the logoUnited Nations World Food Program to raise world hunger awareness.

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He is a business writer and Internet analyst, microblogging at @BradHines. He teaches how to conduct business-especially marketing-on the internet.

Autoprofitz | How to make money buying and selling used cars, e-book
by Brad Hines
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autoprofitzDo you like cars? Do you like money? Imagine making money combining the two? With Autoprofitz, you can.

Everyday thousands of cars get bought and sold for either way over, or under market value. Autoprofitz guide to buying and selling used cars for profit will teach you insider secrets to profiting from this billion-dollar industry. You'll learn how to buy a car at a bargain, and turn around and sell it for huge profits. Autoprofitz users consistently make $500-$1500 from a sale.

In Autoprofitz You Will Learn:

- The proper way to negotiate
- How to use simple psychological techniques to take off an extra $200 on the buy
-Where to find the BEST deals
- Spotting odometer fraud, costly engine, transmission, and body repair
- How to detail a car in only an hour
- Make extra cash on the sale through marketing techniques


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