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Portfolio of Designs: Although not formerly trained in it, Hines dabbles in amateur Industrial design, typically submitting his plans to Quirky the crowdsource design site.


Eiffel wine pourer by brad hines

Hot Air Balloons IPhone game to be programmed?


brad hines design slick stick drum sticks for iphone

Please vote for SlickSticks to go into production at Quirky, here

itoys by brad hines

Please vote for iToys to go into production at Quirky, here

brad hines design coffee table

sharephones headphones by brad hines

ecobrella by brad hines

Slapstick one handed chapstick by brad hines

slapstick one hand chapstick by brad hines


recollection! game

To learn more about this game, please visit the Recollection page.

rock pod chair by brad hines

Novelty chair that plays music from your IPod as you rock it.

Blahbradoodle learning tablet by Brad Hines


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