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Has classyness changed? How to have class in the time of Hipsters a guest post by Rosalie Moscoe 8-13-13 12:00 pm

In our modern day of ripped jeans that cost over $200 a pair, people under dressing to live theatre and neglecting to shut off their cell phones, girls looking like they’re walking outside in underwear wearing tights that used to be worn as under skirts or pants; many of us are scratching our heads wondering "what happened to having class?" While hardly a soul stands up to give a seat on a bus or subway to an older person–or heaven forbid, a woman–one wonders if there’s such a thing as ‘class’ anymore. Has the world changed so much that our casual lifestyle habits for dress, respectful attitudes and language are nothing more than bad manners, poor taste and truly a lack of class?

While I’m likely considered a dinosaur, the following is a list of what I always thought were signs of having Class with a capital C. I think you will find it's rather timeless; little has changed.

How to strive for obtaining class:

People who have class don't usually use swear words when speaking.

People with class appear clean (at least to look like they've had a shower
that day!)

People with class have on nice, clean, but not necessarily expensive

People who have class, treat others with respect–whatever a person's
status, a CEO or a house cleaner.

People who have class show respect for different races, cultures and

People who have class, don't embarrass others, or put them down.

People with class eat without shoveling food down in their mouth.

People with class settle differences with others without resorting to
screaming or violence.

People with class accept criticism given in a helpful way as a way to learn
and grow.

People with class are honest and don't try to rip off people just in order
to 'score'.

People with class will listen to you and not shuffle papers or be doing
something else (like being on their smart phones or iPhones) while the
conversation is going on.

People with class have a sense of humor and can laugh at themselves.

People with class don't continually brag about themselves, their
accomplishments or status.

People with class enjoy giving back to others, even if they can't give money
to charity–they give their time. And if they do give to charity, they give
with their heart not necessarily be recognized for their contributions.

People with class are empathetic to suffering of others and lend an ear to
those who need it.

People with class do not come off as snobs–they're not thinking they're better than
everyone else.

People with class respond to their friends, family or colleagues' e-mails,
texts or calls in a timely fashion.

People with class don't keep others waiting for them for long periods.

People with class are just nice, fun people you want to be with.


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Rosalie MoscoeAbout the writer: As a professional speaker, Rosalie Moscoe has electrified and inspired over 800 audiences at corporations, associations, non-profit or community group for almost 20 years. She is passionately committed to guiding people to achieve maximum well-being, stress-relief, boosted nutrition and positivity to reduce sick leave and enhance productivity for members of organizations. A graduate and former instructor at Centennial College on stress-management and a Registered Nutritional Consultant in private practice, Rosalie delivers quality, well-crafted keynotes, seminars, tele-seminars and webinars to suit the needs of your organization. You can reach Rosalie at 416.653.0077 or


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