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Homes across the United States that only cost $20,000 and what they look like

by Brad Hines 4-13-15 11:05 pm

That's right, 20 Gs...

As a digital nomad and therefore someone who can work from anywhere in the world, recently I was curious about really "affordable" homes and what they look like, I am refering to under $20,000 affordable. Okay, "stupid cheap". While these homes are not much compared to the average homes on the market, in some places they are surprisignly cozy looking.

Under $20,000 homes are not created equal, for example the warmer climate ones seemed to be a lot more appealing in multiple ways. A few general rules apply to sub $20k homes: You better like zip codes in the middle of nowhere, carports, typically small square footage, and in some cases–dilapidation. See for yourself.

14 Myrtle Ave, Sterling Massachusetts | $15,500

sterling ma home


67451 Murphy Rd, Mc Arthur, OH 45651 | $10,000


6224 Calgary Ave, Sacramento, CA 95841 | $15,000


Takeaway: $20,000 gets a variety of houses in different markets, but typically with some drawbacks.



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