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Linkedin is the new resume and recruitment tool. Here are some tips from pro users:

by Brad Hines 1-29-13 11:35 am

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Get posting

Lori Ruff aka "Linkedin Diva" personally posts about three times a day, and urges everyone the benefits of SEO for company pages, by posting quality content daily. Company pages that post content often on Linkedin get higher results, not just on Linkedin, but in Google as well. "Have fun with it. It's okay to post entertaining stuff on Linkedin too!" Ruff tells me.

-Lori Ruff, "Linkedin Diva" & CEO Integrated Alliances (Linkedin Rockstars)


Genuinely Connect

Stop using the default invite text when attempting to connect with a person. Saying hello with a quick prsonalized explanation about why you'd like to reach out takes only a minute and sets you far apart from all the competition who only say "I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn."

– Elizabeth Giles | Web Marketing Specialist, Yardi Systems, Inc


Research those companies

When applying for jobs, make sure that you are researching the companies to which you are applying to, on LinkedIn as well. Follow the company on LinkedIn–this allows you to research whether they are a good fit for you, and to better inform you for the interview; it also allows the employee who posted the job listing to see your profile. Consider this your chance to submit your resume twice.

Erin Cushing, Account Manager, inSegment, Inc.


Check job listings

Your groups have job listings. Take advantage of this feature in order to promote jobs you have available or to find jobs that aren't in the major listing section.

Kerry Rego of


Brag a little

Attract employers. Don’t just list your employer history; display tangible results you achieved at your job. There could be a thousand people on LinkedIn who worked for Viacom. But, you may have been the only one to accomplish a 10 percent audience increase for Viacom on Twitter as an example.

-Sabrina Ram Founder & CEO Blu Lotus Public Relations


Be personal in that invite

Connect with people you have not met, but who you would like to meet, by Googling for their e-mail addresses, and then sending them a personalized invitation on Linkedin, as well as sending them an e-mail.

-Stephanie Mansour, CEO of Step It Up with Steph


VigLink banner


Endorsements do matter

Use the endorsement tools. They are the easiest–and fabulous–way for you to reinforce character and professional references. WHO endorses you and what they say, matters. Show lots of enthusiastic endorsements from your work and volunteer Life.

-Patty DeDominic, Chief Catalyst,


Use it!

Don't join LinkedIn and wait for something to happen. Be proactive and be visible on the site. Join groups and participate in conversations. Curate and share articles with your network. Wish congratulations to those in your network. Reach out and expand your network.

– Lavie Margolin, Career coach at and Linkedin Expert


Get your vanity URL

Get your vanity URL at Linkedin, and put it on all of your marketing material (resume, business card, social media profiles, etc.)

Why: because not even the most tenacious recruiter will sort through 300 people with just your name to find you. Really. I am shocked the number of profiles I see where people still don't have their personalized URLs.

– Lea McLeod, M.A., Founder and CEO, Degrees of Transition


Add a video portfolio or introduction

Why not practically reach off your Linkedin page by adding a video portfolio of yourself? Simply go to 'edit profile', and then click the add app icon as shown here, where you can add a video link:

linkedin add video

– Brad Hines | Digital Marketing Strategist, this website, and


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