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A guide to mobile marketing

a guest post by Hilary Smith 10-5-14 9:35 am



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Today, what is now attached to our hip, is actually in our hands or almost always not far from reach -- it is our handheld mobile device. Whether we are on our smartphone, tablet, notebook or laptop, these mobile devices will exceed the number of people on planet earth in 2014.

Now we see how important it is to integrate our marketing strategies with management of this mobile marketplace. Here are four ways you can be more mobile-friendly and give your marketing the boost that it needs to grow successfully online.


Just as Chang and Eng were connected their entire lives, not only are users’ devices always at their fingertips, they are on constantly and more often than not, connected to the internet. Add the overwhelming popularity of social media into this picture and you have an online marketing audience in the billions worldwide. You could conceivably market to people 24 hours a day while they are connecting with each other on the internet.

Marketing on social media platforms is no longer a question, it is the answer. Consumers now expect businesses to have more than just a website, they are looking for you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other popular platforms.


What are the best mobile marketing strategies being used today?  Location based strategies and other mobile methods are widely popular and here are some to consider:

  1. SMS (Short Message Service) also called push notifications
  2. Alerts, everything from notice of a sale to arrival of a new item
  3. Target your audience based on their location
  4. Cross channelling, integrate with email, online and in-store check-outs
  5. QR (Quick Response) codes
  6. Apps, widgets and plugins


Find the right communication strategy to fit the occasion or event. For example, during the 2013 Super Bowl, Coca Cola asked mobile users to vote on the outcome of a fictional race of famous characters to see who would reach their product first.

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Although the soda giant’s Super Bowl marketing campaign was purely fictional, they still interacted with their customers. In this light, don’t just bombard consumers with notifications and advertising, ask for their opinion, get reviews, take suggestions, request advice, have them vote on products or ideas.


One of the best advantages of mobility is the ability to connect almost anywhere there is WiFi. Give your customers access to your coupons, special offers and discounts. There are dozens of different coupon related sites that are very popular with mobile users. Some of them will even promote the sharing of your discount with others. For example, by using a custom link, there are campaigns that will offer a user an item for free if they can get five of their friends to buy it first.

It is clear to see that mobile technology is taking over the marketplace and we certainly don’t want to get left out in the cold. Turn up the heat on your mobile users and drive more traffic your way.





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