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by Brad Hines 12-13-13 12:52 pm

online dating safety tipsOnline dating is an increasingly complicated web space, where women and men alike need to be cautious and use common sense. Women more so need to be cautious about going and meeting a person they don't know well, and yes, even men need to be careful as well. It is all too common for there to be scams where women online dating will lure men in romantically to ask for money, receive the money, and then never be heard from again. I spoke with national expert Julie Spira about online dating safety.


Julie Spira's Online Dating Safety Tips:

• Meet in a public place.julie spira
• Let a friend know exactly where you’re meeting and the screen name of the person that you’ll be meeting.
• Don’t have that extra drink. You can save it for another time if your relationship evolves.
• Set up a free Google voice phone number by going to You can forward the calls to your mobile phone and block anyone that keeps bothering you.
• Set up a Gmail account just for dating that doesn't include your first and last name or where you work.
• If anyone asks for money, say no and report the person to the online dating site.
• Visit their Facebook page to see if you have friends in common or if their photos match the online dating profile shots.
• Take their online dating photo and upload it to Google Images to find out who they really are. If the photo has been used before on the Internet, you can find out if their story matches up.
• Drive your own car and don’t get into his or her car for a nightcap.
• Check their Linkedin profile to see if it matches up.

Carole Lieberman's Online Dating Safety Tips For Men, From Her Book, Bad Girls

carole lieberman online dating safety tipsMen need to watch out for women:

  • whose online profile seems too good to be true
  • whose screen name screams promises of sex
  • whose online profile and subsequent correspondence is too sexually
    alluring - either in their photos or the seductive undertones of their
  • who are eager to hook up right away
  • who ask questions about your socio-economic status, such as where you
    live, what you do for work, and so on
  • who want to come to your home for the first date - as these are
    likely either gold-diggers sizing up your wealth, or women who won't go away.

Please leave your thoughts below, especially if you have a tip of your own to add:

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